Beyond Comfort Moccasins

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Bonnie Fox

PO Box 206
Arendtsville, PA 17303

(717) 677-9736

Designed for everyday outdoor wear. Footwear which allows your feet to move and work as they were designed. Hand-sewn, custom-made moccasins designed for distinctive feet in search of attractive, comfortable, down-to-earth footwear.


Using an authentic moccasin construction, I have been transforming quality leather hides into unique styles for two decades.  With detailed attention to foot shape and measurements, I will handcraft your choice of style and color into the moccasin that shows your individuality.


I would be grateful to have the opportunity to custom-make you a pair of Beyond Comfort Moccasins.  This business is very special to me.  It enabled me to home school my daughter and to continue living a simple life style.


Crafted with sensitivity and care, you can be sure that "good energy" goes into every pair of Fox's Moccasins.

Every pair is made solely by Bonnie with the support of her daughter.

"Our feet are our contact with the earth and the energies that flow through it."

Jenny Walker
Cherokee Indian
Foot Therapist


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